Discover the Lock-Free Revolution.

Discover how our patented lock-free technology stack can improve your efficiency, performance, and scalability while eliminating bugs, lowering costs and improving return on investment.

UST LLC is a software technology company founded in 2010.

   UST has developed patented technology that dramatically increases the performance, efficiency, scalability, and robustness of computer software.

"...Studies show that non-blocking synchronization can deliver significant performance improvements."

Damian Dechev, founder  Scalable and Secure Systems (CSE - S3) Lab, UCF

U.S.T. Web Server

UST Web Server

Upgrade your web server software to UST to add breakthrough performance, security, and efficiency to your data center, cloud, enterprise, and embedded systems.

Lock-Free Libraries

UST Lock-Free Software Libraries

Add breakthrough performance to your in-house software applications by using our lock-free libraries. APIs available for Java/.NET/C++/C on a variety of platforms and run-times.

User-Mode Providers

UST User Mode Providers

Replace kernel services with UST's high performance lock-free user-mode providers in order to achieve breakthrough performance with third party software, virtual systems, and end-user applications, without a recompile.